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Map showing locations of partner organisations in the West MidlandsWest Midlands Adult Eating Disorders Provider Collaborative is a partnership of inpatient units across the region including:

  • Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Birmingham & Solihull NHS Foundation Trust
  • Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
  • The Priory Healthcare
  • Elysium Healthcare

We are working regionally with our Eating Disorder Inpatients Services to manage our 50 beds collaboratively across the region through joint working as a Provider Collaborative, with the aim to treat people as close to home as possible and reduce the length of stay of patients wherever possible.

The introduction of NHS-led Provider Collaboratives creates a shift in the approach to commissioning specialised mental health, learning disability and autism services. Our collective focus will be on the health of local populations, understood through outcomes, experience, and the delivery of transformation in pathways of care. Our ambition through NHS-led Provider Collaboratives is to ensure that people with specialised mental health, learning disability and autism needs experience high quality, specialist care, as close to home as appropriately possible, which is connected with local teams and support networks.

Provider Collaboratives are seeking to enable specialist care to be provided in the community to prevent people being in hospital if they don't need to be and to enable people to leave hospital when they are ready.

NHS-Led Provider Collaboratives mark a new era for specialised mental health, learning disability and autism services. Building on the success of New Care Models for tertiary mental health services, NHS-Led Provider Collaboratives will drive improvements in patient outcomes and experience. NHS-Led Provider Collaboratives will also bring much needed focus on tackling inequalities for their local population and increasing the voice of lived experience in improving the quality of care provided.

This short video by NHS England explains what Provider Collaboratives are.

Feedback from partners

Director of Specialised Commissioning & Health and Justice, NHS E/I Midlands:
The partnership has built new and transformative relationships with inpatient and community providers alike, ensuring that patients and their families receive the care they needs as close to home as possible despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is real drive and commitment throughout the team.

Worcester Community Outpatient Team:
West Midlands Provider Collaborative have been a fantastic edition to adult eating disorders, not only have they reduced hospital admissions and length of stay, they have been of great support to local teams.

Priory Healthcare:
The West Midlands ED Collaborative is truly a collaboration of partners from around the region. From the outset, the team at Priory have always felt included; valued and our contributions appreciated. We have been able to see how our collaboration with the West Midlands has gone from strength to strength; enabling staff to build valuable relationships across partners; to share knowledge and most importantly treating patients closer to home.

Service User:
I've enjoyed being part of the collaborative, I can see the benefits it brings and have been part of developing the clinical outcomes.  I want to continue to be involved and am looking forward to what we do next to improve services for people with eating disorders.

Midlands NHS Partnership are ambitious about reducing waiting times and treating those that really need help. They are also forward thinking and keen to work with third sector organisations, they view their charity partners as equal and are driven towards creating better experiences for sufferers and their families.

Latest News (June 2022)

We went live formally on 1 April 2021 taking on the contract, budget, commissioning and quality responsibilities.

Significant progress has been made in relation to key outcomes for our Adult Eating Disorders patients across the West Midlands, and this is due to the close partnership working across the region and the commitment from all in working together.

Eating Disorders InfographicSome of the key data from our June 2022 update can be seen in the accompanying graphic:

Total Admissions:

  • 2018/19: 135 admissions
  • 2021/22: 117 admissions

Reduction in Out of Area Activity by 100%

  • Baseline 2018/19: 55 patients placed out of area
  • Over the last 2 years this number has been reduced to zero

Average length of stay (target of 116 days):

  • Baseline 2018/19: 161 days
  • Current length of stay: 90 days

Over 52 hours of Bed Management clinical discussions held over the last 12 months managing 117 admissions.


  • A second Clinical Liaison Practitioner
  • Lived Experience Professional Lead
  • A CAMHS transitions Practitioner
  • Clinical Collaborative Manager

Reduction in distance travelled (target of 20 miles):

  • Baseline 2018/19: 117 miles
  • Current distance: 20.8 miles (based on clinical need)

Patient admissions:

  • 2021/22: 34 avoided
  • an increase of 17 from 2020/21 through managing patients more effectively in the commuity

Efficiency savings of £1.7m through avoided admissions.

Next steps:

  • Develop Lived Experience Forum
  • Develop online programme for Eating Disorders
  • Review Day Care Models

Piloting third sector support packages with BEAT

  • Carers Programme
  • Email support for service users
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Contact Details

For any queries, or more information please email ncm@mpft.nhs.uk