We provide integrated nutritional, medical, psychological, and re-integrative care for people with severe eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and others eating disorders.

We have a 12-bedded inpatient unit for the treatment of those patients unable to manage their eating disorder in the community. The programme is aimed predominantly to focus on the needs of sufferers of anorexia nervosa. These people tend to experience severe difficulties with physical and mental ill health and require intensive support and treatment in order to address and overcome these issues.

Our programme is flexible enough to allow a variety of options to be available to the patient. These range from a short admission in order to stabilise weight and manage compensatory behaviours to longer admissions aimed at restoring weight back to a healthy level.

The programme is discussed and planned with the patient prior to accepting admission. We believe that motivation to change is paramount to being able to use the programme and to make progress.

Our inpatient programme offers:

  • Group therapy aimed at managing anxiety, assertion difficulties, body image distortion, reduced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Life skills which view the patient as a whole and takes into account their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs
  • Individual therapy
  • Dietetic advice, analysis and education
  • NG feeding if required
  • Rehabilitation in terms of shopping, cooking, budgeting, meal planning and eating in company
  • A key worker system for additional individual support
  • A variety of options for meal time support
  • Carer support
  • Relapse management


Eating Disorders Contact Details

Kinver Centre, In-patient Unit

Phone numbers, fax and email

Fax number: 01785 221175


Kinver Centre (In-patient Unit),
Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,
St. Chad’s House, St. George’s Hospital, Corporation Street,
ST16 3AG